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Playfulness works for health


To solve the problems of Society By being there for each and every one of us.


The super-aging society is one of Japan's greatest social issues.
We are working to solve the problems of this super-aging society by utilizing advanced digital technology and the power of entertainment, or "playing". "Super-aging society", "digital" and "playing" seem incompatible, but we believe that there may be a hint of a solution there.

Take games, for example. If we add the power of AI , it is possible to predict a person's physical and mental state, as well as cognitive functions, based on data such as eye-tracking/eye movement and behavior while playing games.
As the game runs/plays out, the system will naturally notice the user's/the player's physical ailments and cognitive decline. Then, using the game as a starting point, they move their bodies, go outside, and change their behavior.
Instead of trying hard to cure a disease after it has occurred, "playing" games in daily life contributes to prevention and improvement of quality of life. Our goal is to create such a system.

The challenges are not limited to the super-aging society.
We believe that a system that turns "playing" into prevention will be the foundation for solving social issues in the future. We believe that "playing" can become a way of learning, working or connecting with others. Through the use of cutting-edge technology centered on "playing", we will continue to implement solutions to social challenges while addressing the issues of each individual.

Solving social issues through new technologies born from "playing"

  • Social
    • Addressing future-oriented social issues
    • Establishment of a sustainable mechanism
    • Thorough social implementation of technology
  • Entertainment
    • Maximize the power of playing
    • Change behavior naturally through games and fun
    • Pursuit of design
  • Technology
    • AI R&D capabilities with academic backing
    • Utilization of various sensors and XR
    • 3DCG development capability