What HYPER CUBE can do

How should advanced technology be implemented in society?
What form should it take so that each and every one of us can be happy?
At HYPER CUBE, through cutting-edge research with academia, data analysis, and consumer behavior focused advertising development, we consider all points of contact with people and respond to service development and management tailored to each phase.

In-House Services

The mission of HYPER CUBE is ”Playfulness works for health”. To achieve this mission, we are currently developing services with a focus on improving the quality of life of the elderly in a hyper-aged society. AI will become more and more a part of our lives in the future, AI agents will be there for us 24 hours a day to provide support, and the kind of AI agent we choose will have a great impact on our lives and abilities. HYPER CUBE is currently developing services to help people improve their quality of life by helping them to live in a way that makes the most of their individuality.


We support our clients from business development or planning by utilizing our knowledge of joint research with academia and in-house development to connect what the future should look like with our clients' wishes. We provide a wide range of services including business planning, system development, data analysis, and application development.


We reach people's hearts and souls through design and programming. We provide promotional support for everything that fits on a screen, including websites, videos, apps, and signage. We continue to bring smiles to people's faces through content with a focus on brand promotion.

Business Field

We are developing our own service with new ideas that fuse "playing" and "technology". We consistently conduct everything in-house from idea generation to business planning, system development, and promotion. We have a wide range of expertise in new business creation, software development, AI implementation, promotional branding, web production, and data analysis, and our diverse workforce includes consultants, project managers, engineers, and designers. We support the business development process from the very start, helping to bring new ideas to the world in the form of consulting and advertising